Stone Finish

Polished Surface:

Marbles, Granites and few limestones take very good polish. A polished finish looks very beautiful as it enhances the colour and makes the surface smooth & reflective.

This type of finish is used in entrance areas, where marble, granite and some harder limestones are laid. The most popular uses of polished stone are in; interior and exterior wall cladding, Interior and exterior paving, Lavatory tops, Residential & Commercial counter tops, Table Tops, and others. A good polished surface is the best the stone can offer. It shows the beauty of the stone.

Honed finish:

Honed finishes unlike polished finishes are not reflective. The honed finish is a satin smooth surface with little light reflection. Sandstones are generally preferred for honed finishes. Beautiful sandstones like Rainbow & Teakwood take a very good honed finish.

This finish is often used on walking surfaces and other areas where heavy traffic would wear off a polished finish. Honed finishes are used in interior wall covering. It can also used on the exterior in warm environments, table tops, very light duty residential flooring, etc.

Saw cut finishes:

Saw cut finish has acquired its name owing to the saw cuts that are made on the surface of stone. When the stone blocks are sawn in the block cutter or gangsaw the finish obtained is the sawn finish.

Saw Cut finish offers complimentary accent to other types of stone work. It is generally used for walls, gate entries, patios, landscape design applications etc.

Flamed finish:

To give a roughened look to the stone flamed finish is given. The flamed finish is a rough texture used frequently on floor tiles and vertical applications. Color and particulate or vein patterns vary from block to block. It is particularly used for the floor applications.

The major uses include exterior floorings, entrances , corridors and others.